Structure & People

PSANZ-SANDA has a Steering Committee, which reports to the PSANZ Board and two subcommittees: Clinical practice guideline implementation subcommittee and the The Australian and New Zealand Stillbirth Alliance Research Consortium

ANZSARC Committee Membership

Clinical Practice Guideline Implementation Subcommittee Membership

Regional coordinators facilitate and promote activities across Australia and New Zealand e.g. the IMPROVE Program.

A dedicated Secretariat, at the Mater Research Institute, Brisbane, provides support for workshops, website maintenance, preparation of news items, and updating guidelines and educational materials.

Steering Committee Members

  • Profile jeremy oats


    Professor Jeremy Oats

    PSANZ Discipline: Obstetrics

    Professor Jeremy Oats is currently Chair of the Victorian Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity and member of National Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Advisory Committee. He graduated from the University of Adelaide (MBBS) and Nottingham University (DM) and did specialist training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Nottingham UK. Previous university appointments include Associate Professor Obstetrics and Gynaecology University of Melbourne; and Professor Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Queensland. Jeremy is currently Professorial Fellow Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne. Previously, Jeremy was Director of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Mater Mother’s Hospital, Brisbane then Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne and Medical Co-Director of Integrated Maternity Services Northern Territory. Principal research interests include diabetes in pregnancy and epidemiology of pregnancy outcomes.

  • vicki flenady


    Associate Professor Vicki Flenady

    PSANZ Discipline: Other – Perinatal epidemiologist

    Associate Professor Vicki Flenady is currently Leader of the Stillbirth research program, Mothers and Babies Research Theme at the Mater Research Institute-University of Queensland. Vicki has a background in midwifery and neonatal nursing, has completed a Master’s degree in Medical Science (clinical epidemiology and biostatistics) and has a PhD and ongoing research interest is in the area of stillbirth prevention focusing on causes and risk factors and improving data collection. Vicki’s research interests also include preterm birth prevention which includes systematic reviews on the role of tocolytics for the Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group. Vicki currently Chairs the PSANZ IMPACT Network and is secretary of PSANZ SANDA.

  • Profile fran boyle

    Associate Profesor Fran Boyle

    PSANZ Discipline: Other – Social Scientist

    Associate Professor Fran Boyle is Head of the Health Systems & Policy Division in the School of Public Health at The University of Queensland. Fran is a social scientist, with a background in psychology, sociology and public health. She is passionate about ensuring all parents receive the best possible care following stillbirth and perinatal death. She brings to PSANZ-SANDA extensive knowledge and detailed understanding of perinatal bereavement care and health services research. She has a particular interest in consumer perspectives of the health system and has had a long association with Stillbirth and Newborn Death Support (Sands) organisations in Australia

  • Profile Billie Bradford

    Ms Billie Bradford

    PSANZ Discipline: Midwifery

    Billie Bradford is currently PhD student at the University of Auckland and Midwife at Hutt Valley Hospital. She is a mother of five who lives in Wellington. While reviewing cases of perinatal death at her previous hospital Billie developed an interest in fetal movements and a fervent hope that research into life before birth might reduce stillbirths. She regularly escapes the Wellington wind for Auckland where she is a full-time PhD student in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland.

  • Glenn Gardener lge4

    Dr Glenn Gardener

    PSANZ Discipline: Obstetrics. MBBS (Qld), DipRACOG, FRANZCOG, CMFM

    Dr Glenn Gardener is the Director of the Mater Centre for Maternal Fetal Medicine high risk pregnancy care to women across Queensland. He is also a Senior Staff Specialist in Obstetrics at Mater Mothers Hospital, Senior Lecturer in O&G at the University of Qld, Research Fellow with Mater Research Institute/UQ and MFM Training Supervisor for RANZCOG. Glenn’s clinical interests cover the broad spectrum of high risk pregnancy conditions that may affect the mother and/or the fetus. He is passionate about delivering the highest quality multidisciplinary and he enjoys working within a large multidisciplinary team where the challenges of complex cases are shared and discussed. In addition to his clinical commitments Glenn has partnered with researchers locally, nationally and internationally to further develop his research skills, attracting research funding in excess of $2 million dollars in the areas of stillbirth, non-invasive fetal blood group testing and fetal therapy. He is the recent recipient of a Mater Research Scholarship.

  • Profile Dell Horey

    Dr Dell Horey

    PSANZ Discipline: Other – Epidemiologist

    Dr Dell Horey has qualifications in science and epidemiology and a strong background in consumer participation. Dell is an Editor with the Cochrane Collaboration Consumers and Communication Review Group. She was active in maternity consumer groups for many years and was the Australasian Coordinator for the Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Review Group Consumer Panel from 1999 to 2007. Dell is now a Senior Lecturer in Public Health at La Trobe University and teaches epidemiology and research methods.

  • Profile alison kent

    Professor Alison Kent

    PSANZ Discipline: Neonatology

    Professor Alison Kent is Senior staff specialist in Neonatology at the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, Canberra Hospital and also the Chair of the ACT Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Committee. She is involved with the AIHW supporting the goal of standardised national data collection for maternal and perinatal deaths. She is the Chair of the PSANZ-SANDA Clinical Practice and Education Committee promoting the use of the PSANZ Perinatal Mortality Guidelines and the IMPROVE course nationally and internationally. Prof Kent is on the International Stillbirth Alliance Scientific Committee, aiming to reduce stillbirths in developed and developing countries. Prof Kent is the Deputy Chair of the Research Project Committee of the Australian National University Medical School, promoting research as part of the medical school curriculum. She has been a member of PSANZ for over 15 years – supporting this national society with its unique approach of including scientists, midwives, neonatal nurses, obstetricians and neonatologists with the aim of improving the health of mothers and babies.

  • Yee Khong

    Professor Yee Khong

    PSANZ Discipline: Other – Perinatal Pathology

    Professor Yee Khong is a pathologist, based at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, North Adelaide. He has extensive experience in perinatal and obstetric pathology, and is the co-editor of Keeling’s Fetal and Neonatal Pathology, 5th edition. His research is focused on the contribution of the placenta to adverse pregnancy outcomes and he was the co-chair of the Amsterdam International Consensus Group for harmonising definitions of placental lesions.

  • Profile susan mcdonald

    Professor Susan McDonald

    PSANZ Discipline: Midwifery

    As Professor of Midwifery (Women’s and Infants’ Health) La Trobe University, Sue leads a very strong academic team and in her joint appointment with Mercy Health, a leading tertiary teaching maternity organisation in Victoria, her role is to lead innovation in education, training, research and development and works very closely with a multidisciplinary team of senior clinicians and managers to develop and undertake research and to facilitate translation of best evidence into everyday practice. Sue is a member of the PSANZ-SANDA Steering Committee and Vic coordinator for IMPROVE.

  • R.Cronin Photo

    Robin Cronin

    PSANZ Discipline: Midwifery

    Robin Cronin is a PhD student researching modifiable risk factors for late stillbirth at the University of Auckland. For the last 4 years she has been the part time project coordinator on the recently completed University of Auckland, New Zealand Multicentre Stillbirth Study. Robin also works in a clinical role as team leader of the Auckland University of Technology education and development service at Middlemore Hospital in South Auckland. She has a Master’s degree in Midwifery and an extensive nursing and midwifery background.

  • Profile christine east

    Professor Christine East

    PSANZ Discipline: Midwifery

    Professor Christine East is Professor of Midwifery at Monash Health and Monash University. She served as the PSANZ President in 2010-2012. Chris’s research focuses on evaluating and improving the health of mothers and babies, through numerous randomised trials, observational studies, audits and systematic reviews. She is actively involved in the development of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines at Monash Health, as well as having a number of her systematic reviews included in the clinical guidelines produced by numerous hospitals and the WHO. Chris is also involved in developing the education package for improved detection of fetal growth restriction.

  • vicbowring headshot HR 8593

    Victoria Bowring

    Stillbirth Foundation Australia - General Manager

    Victoria is the General Manager of the Stillbirth Foundation Australia - the only charity in Australia solely dedicated to research into causes, risk factors and prevention of stillbirth. She works closely with the Board of Directors to support the foundations research program and to encourage the engagement of parents and families in research education and advocacy. Victoria’s passion lies with ensuring the voices of the families experiencing stillbirth are heard and considered by the community, health departments and policy makers. Along with encouraging the joining of all organisations with an interest in stillbirth, to create a strong and united approach to reducing the incidence of stillbirth in Australia and providing the best possible care for those families affected by stillbirth.