How We Started

PSANZ-SANDA was established by merging the PSANZ Perinatal Mortality Group (PSANZ PGM) and the Australian and New Zealand Stillbirth Alliance (ANZSA).

The PSANZ Perinatal Mortality Group (PMG) was established in 2003 with the overarching goal of reducing perinatal deaths and improving immediate care for families experiencing a perinatal death through improving the quality of data and improving clinical care. To this end the PSANZ PMG developed the PSANZ Perinatal Mortality Audit Guidelines and the PSANZ Perinatal and Neonatal Death Classifications.

The PSANZ-PMG also aspired to promote research addressing stillbirth and with development in this area coupled with the urgent need to raise awareness and action to address the public health problem of stillbirth, it was decided to establish the Australian and New Zealand Stillbirth Alliance (ANZSA). In 2008, through seed funding from the then Federal Health Minister (Tony Abbott), ANZSA was established as a company limited by guarantee to promote action to address stillbirth in Australia and New Zealand and to contribute to global action by collaborating with international bodies such as the International Stillbirth Alliance. ANZSA continued to work closely with the PSANZ-PMG with the majority of members shared across both organisations. A great deal was achieved by ANZSA, including development and national rollout of an educational program based on the PSANZ Guidelines and stimulating awareness of stillbirth which has been associated with increased funding for stillbirth research through NHMRC and other bodies.

At the 2014 ANZSA annual general meeting it was agreed that ANZSA and PSANZ-PMG should become a single entity under PSANZ: The PSANZ Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Alliance (PSANZ-SANDA).

The benefits of this merger include enhancing effective conduct of the shared initiatives, and reducing possible duplication of effort and administrative workload. For PSANZ, the creation of PSANZ-SANDA means a strengthening of the Society through the achievements of ANZSA and the likely attraction of additional obstetric and midwifery membership due to a strong stillbirth focus. For ANZSA, the merger means stability and strength that being an entity under PSANZ would provide.

The activities of The PSANZ Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Alliance – PSANZ-SANDA build on the success of PSANZ-PMG and ANZSA and align well with the objectives of PSANZ to improve health outcome for mothers and babies.